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Obstacle Fun Run

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“5K” Route – 3.46 miles – 253 feet climbed

Hike or Run this leisurely route along grassy trails that offers just enough relief to give a great view of the area and the island ranges. There are two short steep descents on the route and one creek crossing. The route is a figure 8, and for a couple hundred yards there is 2 way traffic, so keep to the right. The cyclists will be on this route as well, completing their circuits.

“9K” Route – 6.02 miles – 472 feet climbed

Hike or run this challenging route through private farms and ranches end enjoy a tremendous view of the island ranges and the surrounding area. The route starts with a gradual climb from the cabins through private property onto a fast dirt road section, and once back into the cross country begins a climb to the top of the bluff to the west, offering some surprisingly spectacular panoramas. The last mile or so shares the same path as the 5k route. So watch for those participants as well as the cyclists who will be on the trail as well. This route contains a steep descent off the top in cross country terrain, so watch your footing.

Half Marathon and Bike Route – 12.84 miles – 1200 feet climbed

After exiting the CottonWood Cabins property the race begins with a short stretch of county road that immediately takes you all the way to the top of the bluff on the west side of the route where you will enjoy a beautiful view for over 2 miles as you head south. At the property corner you follow the fence line back down to the bottom. From there head north and follow singletrack to the water stop where you cross the 9K route and continue on the singletrack trail. At about mile number 6 you will pick up the 9K route again and follow it back to the pavilion. With 7 miles completed, you are more than halfway there. Hydrate and proceed on the 9K route above to complete the 13 mile event!

Cyclists! Once completing this you will continue to ride the 5K route as many times as you can before the 8 hours is up! Watch for the runners completing their events in the last couple km of each lap!